Friday, August 6, 2010

Amber Summer's remembers Judi Hansen

Amber Spiess August 6 at 9:55am
Judi Hansen was always somewhat of an enigma, that lived across the street from me.

As a kid, Kris and I played together frequently. Most of our times were spent in one yard or the other.

On those rare occasions, we were afforded the luxury of indoor play, I was always torn between who I wanted to see, once I crossed the Hansen threshold. Judi, or venturing to the basement of the bigger sister's bedrooms.

Judi was always well assembled. Adorned in baubles of gold and bright colors, high polish frost on those long beautiful fingernails. Judi once revealed to me that her secret to long beautiful strong nails, was constant painting of formaldehyde laced nail polish (trust me do not try this at home). There was never a time her fingers or wrists were bare, even in her housecoat.

Kris and I were fortunate enough an opportunity to play in her house once again. This was cause to celebrate.

Judi had just had back surgery and had been convalescing in her bedroom.

The bedroom, of all locations was the most taboo. The most coveted treasure of all...the replica telephone. Oh My! The telephone!!!

It wasn't surprising, despite surgery, Judi looked fabulous. She did not disappoint. As we entered to find her on THEEE telephone, arms flinging about in chatter and, of course, laden in jewels, flowing gown, she never looked more fabulous and refined.

Kris and I sat on the edge of the bed in silence while Judi wrapped up her phone call. Laughing and chatter, it was obvious Judi was enjoying the person on the other end of that line and then...

Out of nowhere, the loudest fart I have ever heard, in my 9 years of age. Judi didn't miss a beat.

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